Updated: Aug 12, 2018

In fall 2014, I carved my first linoleum block (below) and immediately fell in love with printmaking. I found block prints absolutely fascinating! They exist on the border between art and craft, flip traditional positive-negative space techniques and must be created in reverse. What could be more exciting to explore?!

inside a small sailboat looking out at the water
"To My Estella" was my first ever block print!

Block printing follows a simple cycle: draw, carve, print and repeat. All of my designs are first drawn on the block in simple lines and shapes. I then use a variety of carving tools to flesh out tiny details and bold patterns. After carving, I mix up my ink to make sure the color is just right and then print! I handprint each piece, which gives every print its own unique flavor. You can read more about the process in some of my other blog posts!

While block printing is at the core of my work, I also screen print, paint, illustrate, write and bind books. After selling my prints, illustrations and paintings part time for three years while pursuing my Bachelors degree and then working full time for corporate America, I decided to take a leap and create art full time.

I launched Peninsula Prints in July 2018 and have since been furiously creating new designs and content. The name Peninsula Prints is an ode to Michigan, my home state and muse. Michigan landscapes, architecture, wildlife and lifestyle continuously provide ample inspiration for my work. Check out my portfolio [www.peninsula-prints.com/blockprints/portfolio] and visit my #Etsy Shop [www.etsy.com/shop/PeninsulaPrintsStore]!

I am also the co-owner of Mackinac Memories [www.etsy.com/shop/MackinacMemoriesllc & www.mackinacislandmemories.com], an arts business devoted to creating Mackinac Island-inspired art and books.

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